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Thermo Weld

Thermo Weld - thermOweld® weld metal is used for welding copper to steel, copper to ductile iron and copper to cast iron. ... Upon reaching critical temperature, the resulting molten copper drops in the weld cavity, instantly creating a high-temperature molecular bond with the conductor. The thermOweld® process creates a permanent, homogeneous and molecular bond that cannot loosen or corrode. Compared to compression connectors, split bolts, crimp connectors, brazing and other connections, the thermOweld® connection is clearly superior. In fact, a thermOweld® connection will also withstand more current than the conductor itself. The thermOweld® permanent-connection process has been engineered to be an easy and efficient field welding system. No outside power, bulky gas tanks or other equipment associated with welding are required with the thermOweld® system. Any field installer or contractor can use our high-grade graphite molds designed and produced in thermOweld’s world-class volume CNC manufacturing operations. The thermOweld® process creates a permanent, homogenous and molecular bond that cannot loosen or corrode. we provide superior quality thermOweld® with the industry’s shortest lead times, highest on-times and industry-leading Same Day Service.

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“Keep your Buildings, Equipments and Belongings Safe”

Thermo weld Manufacturer in Delhi

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Thermo weld Manufacturer in India