Lightning Arrester

A Lightning Arrester is a device used on electric power systems and telecommunication systems to protect the insulation and conductors of the system from the damaging effects of lightning. The typical lightning arrester has a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal. When a lightning surge (or switching surge, which is very similar) travels along the power line to the arrester, the current from the surge is diverted through the arrester, in most cases to earth.

Lightning arresters are used to protect electric fences. The device which is used for the protection of the equipment at the substations against travelling waves, such type of device is called lightning arrester or surge diverter. In other words, lightning arrester diverts the abnormals high voltage to the ground without affecting the continuity of supply.

It is connected between the line and earth, i.e., in parallel with the equipment to be protected at the substation. Genius Protection System Private Limited also offers best lightning arrester in delhi, india. We are one of the best lightning arrester, surge arrester manufacturer company in delhi india.




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