RDSO Maintenance Free Earthing System

RDSO Earthing

Keep your Buildings,Equipments and belongings safe

RDSO Earthing

Thermo Weld RDSO/PE/SPEC/PS/0109-2008 having diameter not less than 17 mm complying with requirements of BS 4360 Grade 43A or EN10025:2-004 S275JR, molecularly bonded by 99.99% pure high conductivity copper on outer surface with copper coating thickness 250 micron or more, Length 3000 mm (minimum). Length of the electrode may be increased in multiple of 1 meter to reduce earth resistance if required. Our product range includes a wide range of RDSO/PE/SPEC/PS/0109-2008 Earth Electrode, Railway Earthing RDSO Approved, RDSO/SPN/197/2008 Maintenance Free Earth and RDSO Approved Maintenance Free Earthing.

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“Keep your Buildings, Equipments and Belongings Safe”

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