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Early Streamer Emission

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Early Streamer Emission

early streamer emission lightning protection systemOPR Early Streamer Emission (ESE) air terminals are especially effective for lightning protection of industrial sites, administrative or public buildings, monuments and open-air sites such as sports grounds. Early streamer emission (ESE) lightning protection systems are a relatively new approach to the perennial problem of lightning damage, and these systems may hold promise for a more effective protection against lightning . The ESE devices considered here are lightning attractors, and in that sense, their purpose is the same as that of conventional lightning rods. ESE devices, however, differ from conventional lightning rods in that they are equipped in some fashion to increase the efficiency of lightning attraction and thereby to extend the effective range of protection over and above that of conventional lightning rods. Genius Protection System Private Limited offers a safe and reliable system to protect your building or solar project from direct lightning strikes

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