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Lightning rod or lightning conductor

GPSIndia is your trusted source for Surge Protection Systems. Protect Your Infrastructure with Reliable Lightning Solutions. Lightning is a natural phenomenon that can have a catastrophic impact on properties. Every year, lightning strikes cause damage to buildings, electrical systems, and other property, resulting in significant financial loss. To protect against lightning strikes, it is crucial to invest in a reliable lightning protection system. One of the best lightning protection systems available in the market is the lightning protection system, and one of the most reliable providers in India is GPS India.

Understanding Lightning and Its Risks

Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by the build-up of static electricity in the atmosphere. It can strike anywhere, and it is estimated that lightning strikes the earth's surface 100 times per second. Lightning strikes can cause a range of damage, from minor electrical disturbances to catastrophic property damage, fires, and even death.


Importance of Lightning Protection System

A lightning protection system is a set of measures designed to protect buildings, electrical systems, and other properties from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. A properly designed and installed lightning protection system can significantly reduce the risk of property damage, electrical system failure, and fire caused by lightning strikes.

Lightning Protection System

This is a comprehensive lightning protection solution that includes lightning rods, conductors, surge protection devices, grounding systems, and more.Lightning safety system is designed to capture and safely conduct lightning strikes to the ground, protecting the property and its occupants from the harmful effects of lightning strikes.

GPS India: Providing High-Quality Lightning Protection

GPS India is a leading provider of storm protection system in India. The company has years of experience in designing and installing lightning protection systems for various types of buildings and properties. Our team of experts ensures that every installation is customized to meet the specific needs of the property, ensuring maximum protection against lightning strikes.

Installation and Maintenance of Lightning Protection

The installation of this protection system is a multi-step process that involves site inspection, design, and installation. GPS India's team of experts conducts a site inspection to assess the property's lightning protection needs and designs a system that provides maximum protection. The installation process is carried out by trained and certified technicians who ensure that the system is installed according to the design specifications.

Once installed, it is essential to perform regular maintenance of the lightning protection system to ensure its continued effectiveness. We provide maintenance services that include regular inspections, testing, and repair of the system. The company also offers emergency repair services in case of lightning strikes.

Testing and Certification

Our lightning protection system is tested and certified to meet international standards. The company's testing process involves a series of tests to ensure that the system provides adequate protection against lightning strikes. We provide certification of the lightning protection system, which assures the property owners that their system is up to international standards.

Case Studies

We have installed lightning earthing system for a wide range of properties, from residential homes to commercial buildings and industrial facilities. The company has a track record of providing reliable lightning protection solutions that have prevented damage from lightning strikes. GPS India has also been involved in the retrofitting of existing buildings with lightning protection systems, providing an added layer of protection to these structures.


Looking for a trusted provider of Lightning protection systems? GPSIndia offers efficient solutions that protect your investments from lightning-related risks. Ensure peace of mind with our reliable systems.


Que 1: What is the lifespan of the LPS?

Ans 1: The lifespan of an LPS depends on various factors, such as the type of installation, maintenance, and weather conditions. With proper installation and maintenance, the protection system can last for decades.

Que 2: How often should surge protection system be inspected?

Ans 2: This system should be inspected annually or after any major weather event that may have affected the system.

Que 3: Can GPS India install a lightning protection system in all types of buildings?

Ans 3: We've experience in installing lightning protection systems in a wide range of buildings, from residential homes to commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Que 4: Does lightning protection system provide protection against all types of lightning strikes?

Ans 4: This is designed to provide protection against the majority of lightning strikes, but there may be some rare types of lightning strikes that it may not be able to protect against.

Que 5: Is it possible to retrofit an existing building with lightning arrestor system?

Ans 5: Yes, GPS India has experience in retrofitting existing buildings with lightning protection systems, providing an added layer of protection to these structures.


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