Chemical Earthing

Chemical Earthing is a process whereby chemicals are added to the soil in which the ground rod is inserted. This lowers the ground rod's resistivity (to the soil), making the ground-connection all-the-better (and more permanent).

Chemical Earthing System is a complex safety system which gives us protection from shock hazard and which needs careful consideration to ensure complete safety to those working on electrical circuits and equipments and as well as others who might be merely passing by. If you are looking for the best earthing solution for your application then you landed in the right place. Earthing is one of the important aspects of the Electrical line.

If you are using expensive and delicate equipment then Earthing is a must in order to avoid shock or any major hazard. Geniuos protection system is one of the best Chemical Earthing supplier and manufactures company in delhi india.

The basic role of earthing is to keep away from or limit the risk of electric shock, fire because of earth spillage of flow through the undesired way and to guarantee that the capability of a flow conveying channel doesn't rise concerning the earth than its planned protection.




At the point when the metallic piece of electrical machines (parts that can lead or permit entry of electric flow) interacts with a live wire, perhaps in light of disappointment of installations or disappointment in link protection, the metal becomes charged, and static charge collects on it. If an individual contacts such a charged metal, bringing about an extreme shock to the individual.

To keep away from such occasions, the power supply frameworks and portions of machines must be earthed to move the charge straightforwardly to the earth. Consequently, we want Electrical Earthing or Grounding in electrical establishment frameworks.

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